Based in St-Roch de l'Achigan, Quebec, Canada, Biexo is a oil tank manufacturer.

Biexo designs and builds customized compartmentalized and modular oil storage tanks for commercial and industrial use.

C&C Mechanical installed a Diversitech Airhawk (Filter Hawk) Dust Collection system in a Push / Pull configuration to force air to sweep across Biexo’s shop and collect their welding smoke. Push / Pull systems are a closed loop system. One duct provides suction for smoke which is then sent to the filtration system to be scrubbed. Once the air is cleaned, that same air is shot down a separate duct on the opposite side of the building to create a draft to push air and smoke close enough to the suction so it can be pulled in and filtered.

These type of systems are best suited for welding applications where source capture isn’t a good options and offers a great general filtration solution.

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