Ductwork Installation

Quality ductwork installation is critical to the performance and efficiency of your ventilation system.

Quality ductwork is a critical component of many industrial ventilation and air filtration systems. When ductwork is not built or installed properly, your equipment will operate inefficiently, which translates into compromised air quality and higher electricity bills. At C&C Mechanical, we can fabricate ductwork, elbows and fittings customized to suit your facility. Our team of highly skilled professionals will ensure your ducts are properly installed - every time.

Once your ducts have been installed, our team will thoroughly inspect all ductwork to ensure no leaks or air flow restrictions are present. You'll gain peace of mind in knowing your ductwork system is balanced for proper air delivery, resulting in fresh air supply throughout your facility.

We also provide maintenance services to clear debris and dust from your ductwork. We also repair or replace malfunctioning and/or worn components, ensuring maximum efficiency from your air filtration equipment.

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